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Are retailers ready for programmatic OOH?

We're pleased to announce the launch of our DSP, StoreBoost, developed to support physical retailers get incremental footfall when they really need it through proximity marketing, in real time across digital OOH, mobile and social channels.

The Cloud & Compass developed Liveposter nearly 10 years ago in partnership with Posterscope as a stand alone content management system for the emerging digital OOH market globally. Having sold the business to Dentsu in 2016 we wanted to return to the market with a combined buying and creative capability, designed for retailers with attribution baked in.

Today, programmatic OOH has scaled with significant inventory available in real time for retailers and brands to access when they want it based on need, price, proximity and a wide range of other tactical inputs. This enables brands to be able to combine buying traditionally with an always ready approach to support key moments that matter to their businesses. This is how we believe programmatic OOH will be most effective, rather than simply being an alternative to buying a 2 week spot. The ability to set up triggers for your brand and use a sophisticated mix of data to ensure that you are maximising the digital opportunity and optimising your spend in real time to make it as effective as possible as an additional layer, is what will bring programmatic OOH mainstream.

Combining the power of programmatic buying in OOH with the ability to buy in advance (automated guaranteed) is also essential for brands and their retailers, who need to know they will get the weight of inventory they want to support known events / factors such as a product launch or a key shopping day.

StoreBoost is powered with real time footfall data from our Digital Doorman product. Using anonymised wifi traffic as a proxy for footfall, retailers can get a clear picture in real time of what's happening in their stores and use that as insight for planning, but also as a trigger for additional media support. Crucially for OOH it also provides a level of attribution that's often not available when assessing media effectiveness. We believe in the power of OOH in building brands as well as driving footfall, so we work with clients to combine and model performance metrics with brand metrics to give a broader view on ROI, which in turn informs and improves future buying criteria.

Last but not least, we believe in dynamic, data driven ad creative as a crucial tool for retailers and brands to make their OOH more effective. Driving footfall is not easy and it's essential that the messaging works hard to cut through and encourage behaviour change and action. StoreBoost straddles the worlds of brand and shopper marketing with their differing needs. The power of dynamic advertising is to make an ad relevant for a given moment at a specific location. So while OOH is traditionally broadcast brand marketing, StoreBoost enables brands to tailer their messaging to the audience nearby and their shopper mindset.



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