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Our products

We develop products that help us towards 

our goal to create a holistic solution for

real-time shopper and proximity marketing. 

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The platform measures footfall in your store via our digital doorman product to enable real- time optimisation of media buying and creative delivery.


Your ads are delivered programmatically which means you can set your media budget and control your spend in the platform.


You can show your ads for a few hours or a few weeks - it’s up to you.

The StoreBoost sensor is a real-time footfall sensor for retail that integrates with proximity media.

It measures footfall in real-time and uses this data to automate the request for media and delivery of creative on digital screens

in environments such as malls, airports and transport hubs.

+ Integrates with DOOH and mobile media

+ Plug and play easy installation

+ Sensors are remote managed in the Cloud

+ Data analytics via online dashboard

+ All data anonymized to be GDPR compliant

StoreBoost Sensor Image.png

Voucher Tap is a customer centric voucher redemption solution that works anywhere there’s a mobile device.

It delivers an easy to use intuitive process for customer and retailer to redeem vouchers delivered to mobiles using a physical stamp that is presented to the mobile screen of the customer.

+ Customer centric voucher delivery solution

+ Vouchers redeemed on mobile by stamp

+ Simple to use for customer and store staff

+ No mobile app required

+ No till installation required

+ Real-time redemption analytics


Flowbot is a pioneering new concept for the on and off trade. A self serve, contactless payment, data driven draught alcohol dispenser all with built in Digital Doorman and Voucher Tap capability.

Perfect pours for busy bars, live venues, pop up events or even big offices. The Flowbot not only serves beer but can automatically activate promotions to drive in venue footfall.


Beer partners can incentivise visits to support their retailers with free pint offers with all redemptions and payment managed via the Flowbot backend system, providing real time metrics to customers.

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