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Costa Coffee

Westfield Stratford Mall //

We worked with JC Decaux to undertake brand research to test the effectiveness of the contextual dynamic ads versus a static brand ad. The static brand ad ran in the first week of the campaign with the second week running the multiple dynamic ads.

Method : Pre to Post (Wave 1 & Wave 2)
Wave 1 : Standard Branding
Wave 2 : Reactive Contextual Dynamic

Respondents : 375 (125 per group)
Sample : Visitors to Westfield Stratford Mall
Survey : Face to face interviews

costa case study large 3.jpg

The headline summary showed an increase in message memorability attributable to the dynamic advertising. The contextual dynamic ads out performed the brand ad for spontaneous ad awareness and prompted ad attribution.

// Any brand awareness


// Spontaneous brand awareness


// Prompted ad attribution

// Brand creative

// DCO creative

People exposed to the brand ad only (Wave 1) and those only exposed to the dynamic contextual ads (Wave 2) were asked about statements they agreed with. The dynamic contextual ads performed better than the brand ad as shown below (both compared to pre-campaign when no ads were shown).

Statements agreed with

Dynamic contextual ads

Brand ad

1. Great balance between quality and price


2. High quality products


3. Trustworthy brand


4. Innovative advertising


5. Advertising relevant to me

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