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Burger King

London //

The ‘Food Moments’ real-time proximity advertising campaign was a first for Burger King. Dynamic creative targeting consumers at breakfast, lunch and dinner was delivered via proximity DOOH media to 14 London Burger King restaurants. Footfall was measured by the StoreBoost sensor in all stores.


Campaign ran for 28 days all day

7 million impressions delivered

Ads featured products promoted at the right food moment

+6% increase in BK tickets sold

+3% uplift in footfall

We ran a successful test of proximity based real-time marketing, triggering dynamic advertising near our restaurants and measuring the uplift in footfall in real-time

Soco Nunez de Cela - Head of Brand and Marketing Comms, Burger King

BK campaign 1.png
BK campaign 2.png
BK campaign 3.png

// DCO creative

BK campaign 4.png
BK campaign 5.png

The creative targeted all food occasions throughout the day. 

The ads featured contextual messaging for different products aligned with Early morning, Morning, Lunch, Afternoon and Evening time slots. 


Each creative was optimised using data inputs for weather, location and distance to store.

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